Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Home Videos

my sister and i (i am on the right posing fabulous!)

So this past weekend I finally made plans to sit down and start going through the THOUSANDS of home videos my grandparents had saved up. When I am talking about a lot I definitely mean it, there were bags full of them! My grandparents were HUGE video taking people when the technology first came into play. Since they have both passed within the past 3 years, I haven't got around to going through them and so Saturday and 8 hours later I only got through just 4 of them. 

I am so grateful for them recording these videos because the first one I found was of my 1st Christmas and 1st Birthday. With technology comes the bump in the mix. All of the thousands of tapes are on VHS. So I decided while I go through them, I might as well transfer them at the same time to DVD to keep them around even longer. Yes, the quality is not HD like most things these days but that is what makes them even better to me. They're real, raw and precious. 

So 8 hours and a trip to Office Max later (a major sale on blank DVDs were going on 100pk for $20.00 originally $40!...I know right!?) Anyways, we finally figured the whole process out and what settings to use for what. So now, we are knocking these VHS tapes out and then from there it is definitely a LOT easier to make copies of the DVDs afterwards. I plan on giving the best ones to the people in each accordingly for Christmas. 

Makes me remember the good times, bittersweet and innocent as it is. 
But the past is the past and I look forward to the future and making more home videos of my future children for them to have to look back on.

Does anyone have any good old home videos like I do? 
If you do, what was it showing?

I leave you with my current jam of the day, I'm sure a lot can feel some sort of experience from this song. If not, what song do you love this week? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just because....

Happy Sunday Yall! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monique Thursdays: Celeb Perfume

So I LOVE to read magazines...well anything really. I have a Cosmo subscription for a year (thanks to Groupon just $8...ya, i know!) and of course the advertising is always entertaining to me as well. So this week its all about the main thing that catches your NOSE in magazines, CELEBRITY PERFUME ADS. Really, there is so many in just one magazine that I feel like I'm walking through a department store in the comfort of my home. In saying that, I realized the variety of scents and celebrities all about their own "smell". 
I wanted to share the top 5 I saw.

***One thing to keep in mind w/ me and perfume ads...even though I dislike the celebrity or SMELL of the perfume. If the bottle is cute, I would want it in my house lol. So if any of my lovely readers have any of these bottles, keep my disclaimer in mind. HINT,HINT :)***

1. Mariah Carey "Lollipop Bling"

For one, this is just plain RIDICULOUS!!!! I can care less about Mariah Carey, or her photo shopped double in the pic above, let alone the ridiculous of Lollipops with Bling. I can't help but state that when people set themselves up like she has, it's too easy for me. Also, I don't really care for the bottle of choice, I just wanted to share with you how OUT THERE these ads can get. But I guess that was their idea to begin with because it sure did catch my eye, too bad not my money....#notwinning.

2. Katy Perry "Purr"

Katy Perry is my girl. I love her and her mutual liking of cats. I have smelled the perfume and it doesn't smell good but HEY it is a CAT and it is PURPLE(my fave) It is a win win in my book. She sold me at Purrr....ple Cat. :)

3. Playboy (no tag line or name just Playboy...original i know)

This one is another that is too easy for me. For one, the fact that Playboy is so desperate for attention because their magazine is doing awful and there founder is just, well OLD. Now there advertisement sells "play it sexy" when it really screams "play it sexy, and smell like skanky" like I said, TOO EASY. 

***These last 2 perfumes kind of flow together, just wait for it....***

4. Marc Jacob "Lola"

  This is my FAVORITE bottle. One- its cute. Two- it's my cat's name. 

But I must say, I double looked over the next ad for this perfume and decided it was daring, and a little risky. I will let you judge for yourself.

I'm just saying Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress but she's still 17 years old. Inappropriate or just Marc Jacobs just being himself? 

 5. Justin Bieber "Someday"

This cracked me up. One- it's Justin Bieber (the 12 year old boy never surprises me) Two- the cougar in the picture looks wayyy too old for him, that this could be mistaken for  The Graduate2 movie poster. And LAST Three- I will let you see for yourself.....

Notice any similarities? It's like comparing flea market knock off to high end brand name. Maybe "Someday" Justin Bieber will become a man and not have to make millions off of young girls.....hopefully one day. 
I'm just saying, HAPPY THURSDAY

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CAT Tuesday!

found something cute and just thought I would share. 

Happy Tuesday! :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cork Board Revamp

So I wanted to share with yall how proud I am of my sister's craft!! She needed a clever way to keep her jewelry more organized and what not so the idea was tossed around and the winner was....Cork Board! 

The Final Project

I LOVE the hooks, very creative!

Picture is fuzzy but the stencil use came out great!

Just wanted to share this w/ you and I also had the chance to take a picture of the other two paintings I put on a canvas. 

Have a Good Monday Yall!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Week Favorites.

ello Readers...busy week has finally come to an end, so here are my weeks top favorite things....

Favorite new Band: Foster The People

They're definitely one to check out. But beware the song is EXTREMELY catchy so it will most likely be in your head on repeat until a new cool song comes along.

Favorite Cat Moment: Posing in Pictures.

So let me get into the story about this picture. I have a gift certificate that I want to use for a place called Painting With a Twist. This place teaches you how to paint a picture of your choosing and you go home with it that night...ANYWHO! I finally decided on which one I wanted to do and it is Paint your Pet Night. Its where you have to sign up for in advance and the teacher or whomever draws out the picture you send in ahead of time of ONE of your pets. We have enough for Paul and I to attend one class on the gift certificate SO we have TWO pets. I will paint Lola and Paul will get R-Tard. Simple as that right?...WRONG. We have a great picture of Lola...we do NOT have a great picture of miss lazy cat. So I decided to try to attempt to take a good one when she was less hyper and I guess that was bad idea by me cause the above photo was all I was gonna get from her....anyone have a hidden talent of taking good photos of special pets?? anyone?

Favorite "Feel Good" Moment: Volunteering for Project Playhouse

Every year I go with my dad to volunteer at the Astros Game and help out Project Playhouse. It helps raise funds to build or improve homeless shelters. This is the 5th year volunteering and I love it every year. 

Favorite Me Time: Crafting

So last night Paul went to hang out with his best friend Eric and I had some long over due ME TIME. I needed to make one of my best friends her birthday present and so above is one of the results. I will have to post the 2 other things later and my other piece I did in another post when my camera is less dead and more ALIVE and working.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crazy Cat Man

so since it's Tuesday and I don't have anything else to really discuss why not discuss two of my favs....cats....and my husband. 

My husband Paul is what you can consider a "crazy cat man"....yes there is such a thing, if you don't believe me, you haven't met Paul. Obsessed is not good enough to describe it. I was going through some of Paul's old childhood pictures the other day and came up with a reason behind his fixation on cats....

Obviously this started early for him. After I stopped laughing uncontrollably, I asked my mother in law about this photo and she told me how he was crazy attached to this cat when he was a baby and the feelings were mutual with Gizmo (the cat) as you can see with the photo above. So much that Gizmo even slept with Paul at night in HIS CRIB! ya, i know what you're thinking...that's not dangerous or anything. lol Well good news, 25 years later and Paul is still alive. So now it all makes since to me and I am completely OK with that....cause I'm the cat lady. I honestly don't think it would have worked out if he was a crazy dog man. No offense to the dog lovers of the world....I am a equal animal lover...sometimes....depending on the cuteness. :) 

I leave yall with this other highly HILARIOUS picture I also found of my husband.

this is Paul when his dad was playing for the Oiler's and obviously a picture...THIS picture is worth a 1000 words. I guess this is his reasoning for loving bacon so much?