Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Home Videos

my sister and i (i am on the right posing fabulous!)

So this past weekend I finally made plans to sit down and start going through the THOUSANDS of home videos my grandparents had saved up. When I am talking about a lot I definitely mean it, there were bags full of them! My grandparents were HUGE video taking people when the technology first came into play. Since they have both passed within the past 3 years, I haven't got around to going through them and so Saturday and 8 hours later I only got through just 4 of them. 

I am so grateful for them recording these videos because the first one I found was of my 1st Christmas and 1st Birthday. With technology comes the bump in the mix. All of the thousands of tapes are on VHS. So I decided while I go through them, I might as well transfer them at the same time to DVD to keep them around even longer. Yes, the quality is not HD like most things these days but that is what makes them even better to me. They're real, raw and precious. 

So 8 hours and a trip to Office Max later (a major sale on blank DVDs were going on 100pk for $20.00 originally $40!...I know right!?) Anyways, we finally figured the whole process out and what settings to use for what. So now, we are knocking these VHS tapes out and then from there it is definitely a LOT easier to make copies of the DVDs afterwards. I plan on giving the best ones to the people in each accordingly for Christmas. 

Makes me remember the good times, bittersweet and innocent as it is. 
But the past is the past and I look forward to the future and making more home videos of my future children for them to have to look back on.

Does anyone have any good old home videos like I do? 
If you do, what was it showing?

I leave you with my current jam of the day, I'm sure a lot can feel some sort of experience from this song. If not, what song do you love this week? I'd love to hear!


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  2. My grandparents have home videos too! In one of them, three of us little cousins, under the age of 2, were sitting on this tiny merry-go-round thing, and my grandpa decided to spin us. Well, it's not supposed to be spun very fast, and sure enough, my cousin went flying off! He was fine, but it was hilarious to watch!