Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Week Favorites.

ello Readers...busy week has finally come to an end, so here are my weeks top favorite things....

Favorite new Band: Foster The People

They're definitely one to check out. But beware the song is EXTREMELY catchy so it will most likely be in your head on repeat until a new cool song comes along.

Favorite Cat Moment: Posing in Pictures.

So let me get into the story about this picture. I have a gift certificate that I want to use for a place called Painting With a Twist. This place teaches you how to paint a picture of your choosing and you go home with it that night...ANYWHO! I finally decided on which one I wanted to do and it is Paint your Pet Night. Its where you have to sign up for in advance and the teacher or whomever draws out the picture you send in ahead of time of ONE of your pets. We have enough for Paul and I to attend one class on the gift certificate SO we have TWO pets. I will paint Lola and Paul will get R-Tard. Simple as that right?...WRONG. We have a great picture of Lola...we do NOT have a great picture of miss lazy cat. So I decided to try to attempt to take a good one when she was less hyper and I guess that was bad idea by me cause the above photo was all I was gonna get from her....anyone have a hidden talent of taking good photos of special pets?? anyone?

Favorite "Feel Good" Moment: Volunteering for Project Playhouse

Every year I go with my dad to volunteer at the Astros Game and help out Project Playhouse. It helps raise funds to build or improve homeless shelters. This is the 5th year volunteering and I love it every year. 

Favorite Me Time: Crafting

So last night Paul went to hang out with his best friend Eric and I had some long over due ME TIME. I needed to make one of my best friends her birthday present and so above is one of the results. I will have to post the 2 other things later and my other piece I did in another post when my camera is less dead and more ALIVE and working.


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