Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Husband Turns 25!

So this past thursday, my wonderful husband Paul turned a quarter of a century old. This was a very amusing conversation with my mother who told me a century is 25 years old. Since 30 minutes before she pronounced "Tsunami" with a not so silent T, I questioned her and fact checked the correct answer on no other than Google. My life saver/cheat sheet/mother fact checker.

It was then discovered that she was infact incorrect and I was thankful I fact checked her after all before I seemed like I was ACTUALLY related to her. Sorry mom, you know I love you and your amusing random incorrect facts.

So thursday my husband and I and 3 of our closest other couple friends all met up at Bdubs...Buffalo Wild Wings for those who arent Houstonians or those who are but dont know what the Urban Slang nickname is for it. Followed by watching Transformers 3D.

As you see above I'm a HORRIBLE picture taker but for you I still show the pictures to the public lol.

all of us ready for Transformers 3D

Pauls gift from eric and ale....that he WILL BE watching alone.

typical us.

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