Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Faves!

This week favorites were a hard one to choose from for the fact the week flew by too fast (NEVER A PROBLEM) but what Ive been all about for the week!

Favorite Trend:   Planking.

My coworkers and I have all got the Planking addiction instead of working...which doesn't happen much....we all decided to be creative and come up with planking poses for about 2 hours yesterday. If you have no idea what its all about I highly recommend you check it out here. It is ridiculous but hey it makes the slow work day go by fast!

Favorite Song:   "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO

I'm sure you have all heard this crazy addicting, get it stuck in your head all day kind of song. But what I think is awesome is the video. Check it and you will see what I'm talking about. Don't tell me you DONT want to dance afterwards.

Favorite Reason ITS THE WEEKEND!:   It's a 3 day weekend!

Cant complain with Uncle Sam! My favorite reason that it's the weekend is that we have Monday off! Not only Monday off is a PLUS, to continue that awesomeness it will be a 4 day work week and Saturday is MY BIRTHDAY! WOO!!!

Favorite Movie:  Transformers - Dark Side of the Moon.

Yeahhh yeah, I went to see it to make my husband happy....and to keep my sanity since he was bugging me about it NON-STOP for the past 2 weeks straight! So yesterday we went for his birthday and even though it was 30 minutes TOO long, I did get to enjoy some great eye candy named Shia LeBeouf. So it was a win-win for me!

Favorite Cat Moment: 

Seeing R-tard sleep like this always puts a smile on my face! She is even starting to just lay around our house like this awake....such an attention ho-ho!

Have a Great weekend and safe Fourth of July! 

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