Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monique Thursdays: Driving

Once a week on Thursdays, I will have a post featuring Monique herself! I'd like say "Mo-nique , Mo-problems!" Each week covers a different topic. If you have any suggestions that you would love to hear her talk about, she is not the quiet type, please don't be shy. 


Driving is to me a Love/Hate relationship. Why is it love/hate you might ask? I guess you can consider me a sailor when driving cause that makes a ton of sense right? Correct. Some people typically call it road rage but I just think of it as a narrator would....a narrator in a Samuel L. Jackson movie that is. I am definitely not the one to judge others on their driving skills because I know I have scared a few passengers in route, but even more reason why I get "sailor like".

I would rather people drive around me 100% because of the fact I can worry less about my 95% lol call me selfish but thats just how I view it. I even have facts to back my theory up...

Monique's Back Up Facts:

1. I have never received a ticket/violation/warning. - As I knock on the fake wooded desk of mine, I will state that I have never received any piece of paper from a PO-PO police officer while in my car...or anywhere else for the assumptions starting to brew up. I am not bragging. I am clearly, like I stated above, just making a point.

2. I have never been in an accident that was caused resulting in it being my fault. - I have been in 3 accidents. 2 w/ other cars and 1 dealing with another car and a street light. Not a good day, but then again car accidents are never resulting in a good day. The first accident was in a 4-runner in high school and the result was flipping twice...or three times I don't really remember it all too well after my head broke the window and I blacked out....again NOT a good day. And for the record, I was a passenger that time- NOT THE DRIVER.

Let me note for the record: I did not get my own car til I was 21. I am now about to be 23.

my first car "the party boat"

The second accident was a guy rear ending my current vehicle, which is a 2003 Buick Rendezvous, while his car was a POS Lexus Sedan. Lets just say it wasn't worth texting his buddy back after all. All the damage was to his car and none to mine. Til this day I am still nervous when people tailgate me while driving, can you say horrible whip lash...OUCH!

my car now.

the results from txting and driving w/ his car

The third and last one happened while I was idling waiting for the light to turn green and sure enough my awesome luck happened to kick in. A lady 4 cars behind me her "brakes went out" apparently is what I heard from the police called to the scene. To avoid rear ending someone she swerved to miss the car and t-boned a street light head on. Great choice right? NO. My luck 4 cars ahead was when she hit the street light pole the part that actually lights up flew off and hit my car window. No complaints on that one, just what felt like a minor heart attack from the noise, and a sweeeeeet rental car.

3. Blinkers and Pulling out. - If all cars are made with blinkers, my thought process on that is they must be IMPORTANT. Most people don't seem to think that though. One major pet peeve of mine is NOT USING YOUR BLINKERS!!! I mean I wish I was a mind reader in most life situations but unfortunately I am not. Sad, I know. So when you pull out in front of me with barely no room to spare and you DON'T use your blinker, do not be offended when you see some rude gesture in your rear view mirror from me or I lay my horn at you for longer time than needed. That is my way of letting you know you need to go back to the DMV and return your license! I look at it as helping you out before the cops do with a price of choice. Just saying'.

Pulling out when you know ASSUME you will make it, is another pet peeve of mine. Assumption I was always told means, "an ASS of U and ME". Stating that, this means if you end up not making it and I hit you causes this specific problem. 1- U will see ME start yelling at U because you can't drive. 2- These words I exchange to U out of anger will not necessarily be nice. 3- U will end up paying out of your ASS to fix my car if it is damaged. See what could happen? Learn to not to pull out in front of oncoming traffic going slow when you ASSUME that you can make it. 

4. The Metro Bus Situation - Now before I start, I am not knocking on public transportation. If it came close to my house and I did not have a car or way to get around I would take it. Now in saying that I will continue....Everyone knows that metro buses stop frequently. Everyone knows that the Metro always drives in the right lane because of these frequent stops unless they are turning left onto another street. I don't know what it is but I leave work at 5pm and traffic sucks as it is. When people ASSUME since there is a long line in the left lane, it is because the Metro is around them. Not EVERYONE drives in the left lane at 5pm. Metro buses are obviously much larger that most of the other cars, so you can spot it easily. 5pm rush hour traffic does NOT....or at least not that I have been told....pass out free cut in line passes like they do at Disney World. This means when I don't feel like letting you cut in front of me, it is nothing personal. I want to get home too. I wait in line like everyone else. People should learn to do the same! If not you don't think so, you don't need to drive on the streets at the start of rush hour traffic and go by yourself a ticket to Disney World, where that is somewhat acceptable.

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