Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fresh and New...

so here goes nothing! (take 2)....

SO im back again at this so called "Blogging" thing. I previously had my own blog or as I like to say "Blahg" about 6 months ago that I was freakishly addicted to. It had no specific purpose like I see with all the other 20 blogs that I keep up with on a day to day basis BUT its was mine. That counts for something....right? and in mid-December when my laptop decided to stop working until now, which is basically July, I have sad to say neglected my habit of blahging. I had WordPress and to be honest, wasn't really fond of that site. The blahgs I read were all from Blogger and all had such different personalized touches that I decided to say farewell to WordPress and join the community here!

Just to state a disclaimer to those of you who do decide to read what I ramble about, I like giving heads up before the comments start and the reading begins....

Things to be Noted about me:

  1. I hate proper grammar. - I love writing, but for someone to tell me that a word is misspelled, commas placed wrong, words not capitalized, I's not dotted and T's not crossed etc. Really doesn't put a red alert on my "I really don't give a ______ meter." [insert your creative word in the blank] I think blahging is a freedom of expression whether it is used PC or not. Don't get me wrong I will try my best for those who are OCD about grammar, but don't message me an edited version of my post. You will be ignored.
  2. Don't judge me. - I tend to get random sometimes on basically everything I do. If you think its cheesy or weird then you need to get to know me better and continue reading my blahg to realize that this is just me using my work free time trying to entertain no one you all.
  3. I LOVE being crafty. - Another thing you will learn, whether you want to know or not, by just reading my posts is I LOVE MAKING CRAFTS. Something I've always been good at and enjoyed doing as a hobby. If I had the choice, I would do that for a living but since I need to make money instead of spending it all doing it I would.
  4. Monique. - Some of you might know what I am talking about when it comes to this but by chance you don't, one word - alter ego. You will see what I mean and with that you will just have to stay tuned. 
  5. Must Love Cats- That right there says everything. I am a Crazy Cat Lady. My husband Paul was in denial about it for a while starting out our relationship but 5 years and 2 cats later, he was hooked worse than I am. Thankfully he is also dislikes allergic to dogs too but HEY its a win-win situation for me!
    So I hope we become friends. If not it's just me talking about myself and well frankly....that would be depressing. Please feel free to comment on anything you like or just to even say hey. I will be sure to return the favor!

    #crazycatlady :)

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