Sunday, July 3, 2011


The worst food I absolutely positively HATE to cook is Bacon. I refuse to even speak of Bacon for the fear my husband, who absolutely positively LOVES Bacon might here me and ask me to cook it for him. This was the situation Friday night.

The start of awful Bacon cooking.

notice the lime green only help to cook it.

Yes, I have been together with Paul for almost 5 years, and married almost a month and 1/2. This does not mean I am Susie Homemaker and know how to sooo good and cook everything and every meal. This is not me. I am a NEWLYWED. I cook Bacon because yes, it makes my husband happy, but I draw lines on some things.

If any of you know how to cook bacon any easier way that bacon grease poppin' in yo face and hands then PLEASE let me know in the comment section below. k, thanks. Until then I'm done with the Bacon cooking.

The Final Result. Denny's aint got nothing on me!

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