Monday, July 18, 2011

Not so "Green Thumb"

Who honestly has a "Green Thumb"?! Sure as heck NOT ME.

I tried my hand these past few months on planting some nice new HEALTHY(when I bought them) Azaleas. I didn't think at the time when I got this "good idea" that Texas is having one of the worst droughts in history. Now the problem stands, how do you keep ANYTHING once green alive when this is going on? 

my pathetic "azaleas"

I also bought some flowers. These in fact are holding up a little better than the Azaleas lol
well...some of them.
So if anyone has any suggestions besides the given obvious of watering...
I would love to hear them. Anything helps because I am only dealing with a man and a bum of a stray/3rd adopted outside cat. 

the bum Man.

our use to be stray cat "Dar-Dar"

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