Friday, August 12, 2011


i know its been too long, but lately i have been TOO busy that by the time i get the free time to sit down and post something i turn into a old married woman and fall asleep instead! :)

These past weeks have been busier at work...but approved overtime is what makes it all worth it. Anyway to make a few extra dollars is always a good thing! 
So this past weekend was awful for a few reasons that i will explain to you:

1. My husband (still weird to say that and we have been married almost 3 months now) went out of town to Nola with his buddies for the weekend for his best friends bachelor party. That part did not upset me though, I'm glad he had a good time and got to hang out one on one with the guys (cause he never gets to since he works for his dad/family business and never gets off the whole weekend. What upset me the most is I had to stay at home by myself ALL WEEKEND!

Some of you might think that having the weekend without your husband to do whatever you want and eat/watch what ever you wanted to would be the best thing since sliced bread, right? WRONG FOR ME. 

Yes, i enjoy my alone time and no I do not have kids so I can see that being a sacred thing to get for most people but the one thing that ruins it this weekend is for this house is HAUNTED. Call me crazy, but we have a 2400 sq. ft 2 story home and it creeks like any house does but it is creepy because of that one reason alone. My husband and younger sister(who first called it out) can vouch for me as well. I always hear someone walking up and down our stairs slowly and it doesn't help that my cats freak out sometimes too.

To top it off, this past weekend not only did my husband go out of town, my friends and family did too....thanks for the invite yall! lol
So Friday night I was too scared to sleep upstairs that I made a palette on the couch and FINALLY fell asleep at 4:30 with all the lights on and the TV up over normal volume level to drown out the creep sounds. Call me 12 years old but for the record we have lived in the house for over a year now and I have not stayed the night by myself ONCE. 

Saturday consisted of me walking around the house like a zombie with a crick in my neck from the oh so "good idea" of sleeping on the couch. I ended up being a 12 year old on Saturday night, more from being completely exhausted and throwing in the white invisible flag, and going to my dads and staying the night there. lol got to love having family around the block....or two :)

Well since its a new weekend now, I am going to see The Change-Up with my hubby and my sister and her fiance. Happy Friday Yall! :)

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