Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cat Tuesdays

 Welcome to the 1st "Cat Tuesday"
instead of "fat Tuesday" my wits came up with "cat Tuesdays"...it just made sense! 

So as you might have notice or not, I love cats. No big deal on finding a husband being a crazy cat lady because my Mr. Right is allergic to DOGS therefore didn't mind at all. I could have turned into someone like this....

....thankfully there are people out there like this to make the world laugh, and make me thankful that I am NOT like them. :) 

In fact, he is worse than I am.
 I am currently working with Paul in making something new for our two awesome feline daughters. I found this new DIY Project last night browsing my normal craft sites. Even though we have the materials to complete the project, until it is personalized and complete, I can only tell you this. It involves a splashing good time! :)

With this I leave you with an original video starring our first kitty Lola...She 1st did this deep sleep thing when we moved to Seattle in 2008. On the drive from Houston to Seattle, she decided to pull this move on us in our car and scare us to DEATH making us think she was dead.

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